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Heavyocity Master Sessions Ensemble Drums Collection

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Ensemble Drums – Kits

Lets take a look at the Kit part of the collection first. There is what Heavyocity calls “Organic versions” as well as “FX Versions” of the Kit. The kit in itself is the same, it’s just processed a bit different among the different patches. There are 5 menu patches (containing the full kit), 7 single patches and 19 FX versions. Also, for each patch there is a “HI RAM” version as well. Let’s take a deeper look at the “Ens Drums Menu (Organic) – HI RAM” patch.

Heavyocity Master Sessions Ensemble Drums Collection KONTAKT

The other patches in the Kit version works just like the Menu-patch, it’s just separate sounds spread out over a few more keys. They are divided as follow:

Low Drums All.nki
Low Drums Tight.nki
Snares Off.nki
Snares On.nki
Tom Low Rotos n Bass Drums.nki
Toms High.nki
Trap Case n Door.nki

All of the above also comes in HI RAM versions as well as different FX variations.

Ensemble Drums – Loops

Heavyocity Master Sessions Ensemble Drums Collection KONTAKT

The Patches

In total the Loops section have:

168 straight single loops
46 straight mutator single loops
165 triplet single loops
37 triplet mutator single loops
7 straight Loop Menus
7 triplet loop menus
7 straight mutator loop menus
6 triplet mutator loop menus

Kits have:

5 organic menu versions
5 organic HI RAM menu versions
7 organic single versions
7 organic HI RAM single versions
19 FX versions
19 FX HI RAM versions
5 multis


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