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Strezov Sampling Storm Choir 2

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After the huge success of Storm Choir 1 Strezov Sampling proudly presents the highly anticipated sequel, which takes the same critically acclaimed concept and takes it to a whole new level in terms of detail and expression.

Storm Choir 2 is a 12-piece chamber choir with focus on a slavonic molto vibrato tone. Comprised of six men and six women, recorded seperately, the ensemble features singers from Bulgaria's finest choirs, including the National Radio, Sofia Philharmonic and the Academic Choir.

The Complete Bundle of the flagship library from Strezov Sampling combines the content of the Core and Exp packs.


•12 - piece chamber choir
•Slavonic molto vibrato tone
•Seven mic positions (Close, Section, Decca, Outrigger, Balcony, Rear Overheads, and Mixed)
•True Legato samples for both women and men
•Stack (Overdub) functionality
•Tightening functionality for all tonal sustains and staccatos
•24 different syllables accessible through an intuitive phrasebuilder or keyswitches
•Men Sustains (Marcatos) PP, MF, FFF
•Women Sustains (Marcatos) PP, MF, FFF
•Men Staccatos PP, MF, FFF
•Women Staccatos PP, MF, FFF
•Men Ah Legato MF-FFF
•Women Ah Legato MF-FFF
•Men Atonal Sustains PP, MF, FFF
•Women Atonal Sustains PP, MF, FFF
•Men Atonal Staccatos PP, MF, FFF
•Women Atonal Staccatos PP, MF, FFF
•24 Men Whispers
•24 Women Whispers
•Men Oh Legato MF-FFF
•Women Oh Legato MF-FFF
•Solo Soprano Ah Legato
•24 Solo Soprano Staccatos
•24 Solo Soprano Sustains
•24 Solo Tenor Staccatos
•24 Solo Tenor Sustains

Requires Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2.4+ FULL version - FREE Player NOT SUPPORTED

Including Core and Expansion

15 DVD

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